Adult Friend Finder Review

Adult Friend Finder Review
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Some sites are born out of that “light bulb moment” and Adult FriendFinder (AFF) is no exception. Originally launched in 1996 as, the site was more of a traditional online dating service. When Conru noticed that members would post naked pictures of themselves and look for partners for adult-oriented activities, he came up with AFF.

As of this writing, the site boasts of having more than 50 million members. While the site gives some “tasteful” pics of hot women, it’s not really shy about letting people know about their true intent: you come here for sex.

As a welcoming message, AFF tells you that it’s a place to “find worldwide sex dates, adult matches, hookups and fuck friends” and that it has “helped millions of horny members meet through online chat, chatrooms, sex cams, member blogs, group and email .”

So you see, the objective of the site is simple: when you want to get laid, AFF will gladly help you out.


• Free. You don’t have to pay anything to create a profile on the site. However, there are certain features that you can’t access without a paid membership. For instance, you can’t send email or instant messages and searches are limited.

• Paid membership. It comes in three levels – Silver, Gold and VIP. Paying members have access to communication services such as e-mail, private chat rooms, webcams, blogging and a webzine.

• Mobile friendly. Everything you can do on the site, you can do through their mobile app. This is good news for those who are suddenly awash with hornyness.

• Search. This is where AFF excels in as there are numerous combinations so you can really find the sexual partner you need. You can search by geographic location, gender, sexual orientation, sexual preference and even what you have to offer.

• Chat rooms. AFF has free chat rooms which are a whole lot better than other pay-per-use hookup sites which are mostly empty. Here, you’ll find a number of people looking to scratch an itch.


• Profile completion can be daunting. The initial sign-up is fine and can be done in a jiffy, but the actual completion of your profile takes time. For one, it can be attributed the the various options that you can choose from when it comes to your sexual interests. Take a look at this: every legal sexual act is listed alongside a ranking mechanism to show how interested you are in that particular kind of sex.

• Limited options for free users. It’s quite understandable why contacting other members and doing unlimited searches require a fee. So unless you really want to spend, this site may not be for you.

• Old and abandoned profiles still exist. You don’t want to get all excited only to know that the person whose profile you’re viewing was last active on the site five years ago, right? If purging them is difficult at this point, maybe a better filtering mechanism needs to be in place.


When you’re mentioned in popular culture, you must be doing something right, right?

AFF was included – at number 7 – of Ask Men’s Top 10: Hookup Websites. The site was even included in a joke in the 2007 film Because I Said So which starred Diane Keaton and Mandy Moore. Hip-hop artist Flo Rida even debuted the video for Touch Me on the website.

So, yes, what I’m trying to say here is that this site has been talked about and is known by many. Although it has encountered some controversy in the past – something which you can very well get acquainted with through Wikipedia – the bottom line is: it’s one of the largest adult dating sites in the world.


The site only allows members to contact another if they pay up. While some may view this as robbery, you as a user can be delighted to know that the person expressing interest in bedding you cared enough about paying before doing so.

AFF also offers several privacy settings for services such as instant messaging, emails and web chatting. Also, they offer member verification in case you want to be sure about the person that you’re meeting up with – again, for a fee.


Here’s another aspect about AFF that gets murky. The truth is: they don’t have the best customer service around. A simple search on the internet will show it has ripped off from its clients. A list of their controversies is even listed on Wikipedia.

The Verdict

AFF has it all – whatever your sexual fantasies and wants are, they’ve got it. Even those into BDSM, exhibitionism and swinging are welcome on the site. Plus, the site has been around forever, so you can find one or two souls online who can attest to have had a fun experience while using AFF.

That said, the site is marred with numerous controversies that don’t seem to go away.

In short, AFF is legit but loaded with hiccups. AFF is one of the largest sites IN THE WORLD where you can get laid, but you will have to pay to use many of the features of the site including messaging!

Adult Friend Finder

Adult Friend Finder is a service much like Match and Eharmony. However, the purpose of the site isn’t to find love or a relationship, but a sexual partner. The site was started in 1996 by Andrew Conru. You have the option of a free or paid membership on the site. Adult Friend Finder claims to be able to match you up with exactly what you are looking for. Do they live up to the hype?

It is one of the first adult dating websites, and it is in the top 100 sites list for the U.S. If you are looking for a casual encounter, AFF may be the place to find it.

Adult Friend Finder: The Basics

Signing up for AFF is quick and easy. The simple five step process can be completed in one minute, giving you quick access to horny hotties in your area. First you select whether you are solo or a couple and basic sexual interests like men, women, couples, transexuals, groups, etc. Then you will enter in your birth date, email, location, and choose a username. You can then include your race, body type, marital status, and sexual orientation, but these fields are optional. You must have a title/tagline that is at least 18 characters. If you choose, you can fill out a short biography.

If you choose to thoroughly fill out your profile, it will take much longer than 60 seconds, but it will be time well spent. They have every conceivable legal sex act and fetish listed. You can choose which ones you are interested in, and rank your level of experience/interest in the particular area. This will be very helpful because members can conduct searches looking for people with the same sexual interests as them. So the more interests you have listed, the more likely someone with that same interest will find you.

Free Chat

Some chat rooms are only accessible to paying members, but other rooms are free. There are usually many people chatting here looking for some sort of adult dating. It can be a great way to get your feet wet on the site.

Free Webcams

One of the site’s most notable features are its plethora of free webcams. You can choose from ages ranging from 18-19 all the way up to mature. Different ethnicities including White, Asian, Middle Eastern, and Ebony, couples, college girls, milfs, threesomes, and pornstars. Different hair colors including blonde, brunette, redheads and black. Body types including BBW, petite, curvy, large boobs, and small boobs. You also have a range of other options including foot fetishes, tattoos, gender, and sexual orientation. It is the Baskin Robbins of porn, with something for every taste. There are a total of 250,000 webcams  for your viewing pleasure.

Member Groups

There are also over 170,000 groups on AFF with over 3 million members. There are currently over 14 million group discussions in all. You can find groups for any interest, and search for members in your area as well. You can find interesting discussions about any sexual topic you please, and you can even ask for sex and dating advice.

There are so many more ways to connect on AFF than on your average dating site. They even have a Dating Blog covering topics including “Bagging a Couple”, “Revenge Porn” and the “Consequences of Twerking”.

In addition to this, members can have blogs on the site as well. There are over 19 million member blog posts. Many of them cover sex and dating, but some of them include stories, fantasies, and hot stories about their sexual experiences. This is another way you can connect with other members on the site who have the same interests as you. You can also start your own blog on the site, and post about your own sexual escapades.

Different Memberships

A free membership will get you quite a bit on AFF. You can chat, view thumbnail photos, make a profile, upload photos, and respond to messages. However, if you are serious about finding a sexy playmate, you will probably need a paid membership.

The silver membership takes the site to a completely different level. You can upload videos, view other members full size photos, profiles, and videos, and contact members by email, instant messaging, or chat rooms (some of which are paid members only).

You also get access to the AFF blog, member blogs, and even the sex academy. The sex academy is just what the name implies. It offers courses to help you become a better lover, expand your sexual knowledge, and become more desireable. Silver membership starts at $17.99 a month for one month and goes as low as $7.50 a month for a year membership. Even at the highest price point, it is significantly less than one night’s bar tab, so it is well worth it if you are trying to find someone to hook up with.

A gold membership is the top of the line, and it gives you maximum exposure. You get to view other’s photos in an extra large format. Your photos appear in extra large format, and your profile will be at the top of the members page. The gold membership also gives you access to the very specific search criteria. This is particularly important if you are searching for someone with a specific interest or fetish. Gold membership is $26.99 for one month and $7.99 a month if you purchase by the year. This gives you six months for free.

Free Month of Gold Membership

AFF really believes it is much better than its competitors. It recently challenged them to make the promise that they didn’t use bots to lure members to their sites. Bots are basically fake profiles of super hot and super horny women who are nothing more than a computer program designed to pick your pockets. AFF has made the commitment to be bot free for 20 years. Their competition, however, cannot make such a promise. So AFF decided to give anyone who is a member of a competing website a free month of Gold membership so they could experience the difference for themselves. AFF is really putting their money where their mouth is here.

Scott Thompson, the Product Marketing Director is quoted as saying “Adult FriendFinder is the leading adult dating community in the industry. We built our business on real interactions with real members. It’s just a reality that many sites out there fool members with machine generated messages from fake profiles. We will never support this practice. For nearly 20 years we’ve relied on great features, and a welcoming sex positive community, to bring new members to our site. Now we’re giving new members a chance to experience it for free.”

AFF From a Female Perspective

One female review site sent three women to AFF to review the site. They ended up with some interesting experiences and some great advice for ladies that are considering the site.

Be honest and upfront in your profile. You are looking to connect with someone who you will have sexual chemistry with. This means you need to be upfront about exactly what you like and don’t like in a sexual partner, as well as any specific turn ons or turn offs.

You are meeting strangers online, and you should conduct yourself carefully. When you find someone you are interested in, take things slowly. Start off with messaging on the site or email, and then move on to phone conversations. If you can’t have an interesting phone conversation with them, the chemistry probably won’t be there in person either. After a few phone calls, it’s time to set up a date. The first time you meet, make it public and casual. Drinks or coffee in the middle of the day is a great place to start, because there are much less expectations of intimacy than when you meet at night. If your coffee date goes well, you can set up a much more intimate date.

You will want to post a few pictures on your profile. If you don’t have any pictures, you probably won’t have any luck on the site. More revealing pictures will probably get you the most attention. Be sure to include one picture where you can see your face clearly, and one that includes your whole body. Feel free to be completely clothed if you don’t feel comfortable being revealing. The idea is to give guys an idea of your body type.

Ask the men you are talking to if they will email or text you a few pictures. When you ask be sure to specify what you would like to see. Most men aren’t shy and may send you a penis pic when you are actually looking for a headshot or maybe a sexy shirtless pic. When they do send you pictures, be sure to respond to them. Don’t just leave them hanging wondering if you like what you see. Unless you really don’t like what you see. “You’re sexy” or something similar goes a long way towards boosting a guy’s ego.

Keep your options open. Don’t be shy about talking with several guys at once. This gives you an opportunity to choose which one (or two or three) you want to hook up with after you get to know them a little better. Don’t be afraid to let someone know if they aren’t your cup of tea. Even the people that the ladies had phone calls with didn’t get mad or stalk them if they decided they weren’t interested. It is estimated that the site has about a 10 to 1 male to female ratio, so if you are a lady you can really have your pick.

I think sites like this let you get to know someone much better than just meeting someone at a bar and hooking up with them. People, especially women, tend to enjoy sex more with people that they feel they know. This doesn’t mean you have to know each other’s life story to enjoy yourself, but having a few conversations, clear expectations, and knowing each other’s likes and dislikes leads to a much better experience than the bar scene. No one wants to wake up with a hangover and realize that they can’t remember the name of the person lying next to them. If you are looking for a friend with benefits type of relationship instead of just a one night stand, this site will let you find someone who is interested in that as well. If you really just want a reckless don’t want to know your name don’t need your number fling you can find that on the site as well.

Adult Friend Finder From A Male Perspective

Male reviewers said they got laid from the site within two days of signing up. This was faster than any other site that they reviewed. The number one piece of advice they give to guys is to message any girls you are interested in sleeping with. At the end of the day, it is a numbers game. The more women you contact, the greater your chances of scoring. Speaking of numbers, some guys also recommend not messaging the hottest looking women on the site. They say these women get so many messages that they are very unlikely to respond. They suggest avoiding the 9’s and 10’s and concentrating on the 7’s and 8’s. You can bet these girls are getting attention too, but not at the level the sexiest girls are. This decreases your competition and increases your chance of scoring.

They also recommend sending the same message to everyone but customizing one line based on what is in their profile. You don’t want to look like a douche who doesn’t even look at a woman’s profile and just sends everyone the same message. Take the time to seem as if you are interested in them and not just what is between their legs.

There are plenty of hot looking ladies on AFF of every shape, color, and size. Most of them are looking for a friend with benefits, which means if you find the right girl you can have regular sex without strings and commitment. What could be better than that?

Here is how the stats of these reviewers broke down:

  • 188 women were contacted
  • 130 responses (69%) Probably higher than many sites
  • 12 Dates
  • 9 resulted in sex for a 75% chance of sex on the first date

These reviewers didn’t see anyone again if they didn’t put out on the first date. So some of the other first dates they went on could have resulted in sex a few dates down the road, making the percentage even higher. Of course, whether you want to spend time on someone who won’t put out on the first date is completely up to you. Some women don’t mind getting right too sex, but others don’t want to seem too easy. It’s not that they won’t sleep with you, or that they are seeking any type of commitment. Whether it be because of social standards or just wanting to get to know who they are sleeping with, many women will wait until the second or third date to sleep with you.

Hooking Up With Hookers

There are a few downsides with AFF just like any other site. One of them is that some (or many depending on who you ask) of the women on the site are hookers looking for clients. If a woman seems too eager to hook up with you, be wary. Some women may also try to scam you for your credit card information. It should go without saying, don’t give your credit card number to anyone. Some women on the site are hookers or in some aspect of the adult entertainment industry. That doesn’t mean they aren’t looking to get laid. It can be hard for these women to find partners who understand their line of work, and they have needs just like everyone else.

Fly Your Freak Flag

This is the main reason people come to this site, especially women. They can get laid on any number of sites, so if they choose AFF it’s for a specific reason. Many times it’s because they have fantasies that they can’t express freely on other sites. AFF is a haven for anyone with sexual fetishes or fantasies. Whether you are into feet, bdsm, 3 ways, group sex, or you are just looking for some good dirty cybersex fun, you can find it on Adult Friend Finder. Why go through a regular dating site like Match of Plenty of Fish when what you are really looking for is someone to have sexy time with? Save yourself the time of having to sort through profiles of people looking for a steady relationship when all you want is a booty call.

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